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Hot melt adhesive film precautions in the cold season

2022-02-25 11:10:30

The first snowfall of winter has begun in China's northeastern and northwestern regions. When the temperature is dropping, the following are some suggestions for customers who use hot melt adhesive film.


1. Temperature control of production workshop, try to avoid using hot melt adhesive machines in areas with fast airflows, such as doorways, vents, etc., to ensure that the workshop working environment temperature is above 15 ℃.


2. We Need to pay attention to the temperature control of the bonded materials. Suppose the material stored in a low-temperature environment is directly used for packaging or sealing. In that case, it will cause the temperature of the adhesive to decrease too fast, which will bring adverse effects to the effect of packaging or sealing, and seriously lead to open glue.


3. If the temperature of the bonded material is lower than 15 degrees, it is recommended that customers who are in a position to do so should preheat the bonded material before packaging or edging operation. If necessary, please add auxiliary heating facilities such as a hairdryer, heating lamps, etc., to increase their temperature to achieve a good gluing effect. To ensure the quality of packaging or edge sealing.


4. When we use hot melt glue, please raise the machine using a temperature of 15~25℃. Always check whether there is any difference between the actual temperature and table temperature to prevent the temperature control system of the machine from failing in winter and the temperature of the meter is not consistent with the actual temperature.


5. The warehouse temperature where the hot melt glue is stored should also be kept above 15℃ to shorten the melting time of the hot melt glue.


We hope that the suggestions we gave can make your hot melt glue keep the same good performance as before when you use it.


6. Keeping the machine running slowly and the temperature-controlled to a certain range during lunch break is recommended. Save the heating uptime and operating efficiency during production.


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