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R&d and customization

Hot melt adhesive film and hot melt adhesive granules have certain types and specifications, but due to the variety of materials to be bonded, the user's process and equipment conditions also vary, we often encounter the existing models and specifications can not meet customer needs, then we will provide hot melt film product customization services. Customization of hot melt film is divided into customization of existing products and customization of new product development.


1. Customization of existing product specifications

The customization of existing products is proposed when the existing product specifications cannot meet customer needs, such as the width, thickness, length per roll, packaging method, etc. of the product does not meet customer needs. In this case, we provide the customization service of product specifications.


2. New product development customization

We provide customization service for new product development when the existing products cannot meet the customer's needs. After full communication with the customer, we will develop new products in cooperation with the customer. The development of new products is usually carried out in accordance with the following process, with a certain time period.

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