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Is It Better to Use Hot Melt Adhesive or Sticky Rice Glue to Bond the Wall Covering?

2022-02-24 18:23:50

Is It Better to Use Hot Melt Adhesive or Sticky Rice Glue to Bond the Wall Covering?

In the field of home improvement, wall covering, as a relatively high-end wall decoration material, is more and more popular with homeowners. Compared with the monotonous latex paint wall, the wall covering is closer to the human body, more colourful, and relatively easy to take care of.

At present, there are mainly two kinds of wall covering materials on the market, one is hot melt adhesive, and the other is glutinous rice glue. Many people don't know how to choose because of the difference between the two types of glue, and most of the concerns are whether the glue is environmentally friendly.

In fact, for regular brands, both hot melt adhesive and glutinous rice glue are environmentally friendly. The difference between hot melt adhesive wall covering and glutinous rice glue wall covering is not actually environmental protection or not. Whether the wall covering is environmentally friendly or not depends to a large extent on the choice of the cloth base material because the processing of the cloth usually uses some chemical reagents. If the control is not good, it is easy to cause harmful substances such as formaldehyde to exceed the standard.

For the hot melt adhesive wall covering, its biggest advantage is that it can be applied to the wall by ironing, the construction speed is fast, and the cycle is short. After ironing on the wall, there is no need to open the window for ventilation and wait for the wall to dry. Moreover, the hot glue wall covering can be both pasted and lived. For wall coverings that use glutinous rice glue, you need to wait for the glutinous rice glue to dry and cure completely before you can move in.

Another advantage of hot glue wall covering is that it has better anti-mildew performance because hot melt adhesive itself is an adhesive with a solid content of 100%, and glutinous rice glue does not need water as a solvent. Therefore, if the air humidity is high, the glutinous rice glue is more likely to breed mould.

However, what needs to be known is that currently, in the wall covering market, mainly glutinous rice glue wall coverings are the main ones, supplemented by hot melt adhesive wall coverings. This is mainly due to two reasons. On the one hand, the cost of glutinous rice glue is relatively low; on the other hand, the construction technology of glutinous rice glue wall covering is relatively popular. The sticky rice glue wall covering is posted on the wall, which is more convenient to adjust. The posting of hot melt adhesive wall covering generally requires professional training, which is a test of the skills of the construction master.

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