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What kind of hot melt adhesive film can withstand 200°C?

2022-02-28 13:56:44

We often get inquiries asking if we have hot melt adhesive film resistant to high temperatures. They ask how high the temperature resistance is, and the requirement is 200℃. This condition, honestly, as a traditional hot melt adhesive film, can only say "I can't do it".


Why can hot melt films withstand such high temperatures? The reason is very simple, once heated, hot melt film becomes a liquid, and only after recooling and hardening can it have adhesion, but it does not have adhesion in the liquid state. Therefore, the temperature that a hot melt film can withstand is usually a little lower than its process operating temperature.



For example, if the operating temperature of a hot melt film is 100°C, then the actual temperature it can withstand is lower than 100°C. If you have access to the melt range data of a hot melt film, you will find that the temperature resistance of the film is almost the same as its initial melting point temperature. When the hot melt film starts to melt, it does not have the original adhesive strength.


So, why do many people inquire about hot melt adhesive films with a temperature resistance of 200°C?


It is not that there is no such hot melt adhesive film, but this hot melt adhesive film is not a hot melt adhesive film in the traditional sense. It has the characteristics of thermosetting. It will cross-link at high temperatures to produce curing, so this heating is irreversible. This material is essentially thermosetting, while hot melt film is what we call a thermoplastic material, and that's the difference between them. Because the cross-linking reaction is irreversible, the thermosetting films are inherently more resistant to higher temperatures, generally much higher than the process operating temperature.


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