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What kind of material is hot melt adhesive film

2022-02-28 12:45:15

What hot melt adhesive film is material may be difficult to explain to those exposed to it for the first time. Because all we can see is a plastic film-like material, it is hard to imagine its function.


A hot melt film is a form of hot melt adhesive, so it is an adhesive, which means it is a material used for bonding or laminating. In terms of material division, it is an organic synthetic adhesive, and its main components are polymer compounds such as polyurethane, polyamide, etc. In essence, these substances are petrochemical products, just like the fabrics we wear now, the plastic products we use every day, etc., are also petrochemical products.



In terms of material, hot melt adhesive film is a solvent-free, moisture-free, 100% solid content adhesive, solid at room temperature. It melts into a liquid when heated, thus enabling the formation of adhesion between materials. Because it is solid at room temperature, hot melt films are generally made into rolls that are easy to package, transport, and store.


Hot melt film is very fast in terms of usage because it is heated to melt and cooled to harden. It is generally used with large drum laminators, presses, and other professional equipment to operate. It has a relatively large laminating area, the width of the conventional can reach more than 1 meter, and some can even reach more than 2 meters, production efficiency is very high.


To say what is the difference between hot melt adhesive film and ordinary plastic film, in fact, in essence, they may not be different, and even sometimes they are the same material. However, there are some differences in the molecular weight of the raw materials used, the chain structure, or the excipients added, which ultimately result in hot melt adhesive films that are sticky after melting. In contrast, plastic films are not very sticky after melting and shrinkable, so they are not suitable for bonding or composites.

Finally, to summarize, hot melt adhesive films are similar to plastic films.


n one sentence. They are heated, melted, cooled, cured, solvent and moisture-free, with 100% solids content, and used for lamination between materials.


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