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What is Tpu Foam Material?

2022-02-24 17:09:47

What is Tpu Foam Material?

TPU foam material is foamed thermoplastic polyurethane, also called E-TPU (Expanded-Thermoplastic polyurethanes); e means expanded, translated as expansion, which means foaming.

TPU foam material is a kind of material that is used more in the shoe material industry. It was first developed by BASF in Germany in 2007 as a crystalline physical foam material. It is prepared by using the principle of gas-phase differentiation. Now there are also domestic manufacturers able to produce.

What makes TPU foam material famous is that it is used in the production of Adidas BOOST series sports shoes, and then TPU foam material has been sought after by many shoe material manufacturers. Having said that, TPU foam material is indeed a shoe material with both aesthetics and stability and excellent performance. It consists of a number of flexible and lightweight TPU foam balls assembled together.

After the TPU particles are foamed, the volume expands by 5-8 times, the cell diameter is only about 30 microns to 300 microns, and the density of 0.15-0.25 grams per cubic centimetre makes people hardly feel its weight. "Popcorn."

TPU foam material overcomes the shortcomings of TPU raw materials such as heavyweight, high hardness, and poor shock absorption performance and is transformed into a performance material that combines all the advantages of TPU and foam materials. Elasticity, compression resistance, and excellent low-temperature resistance. Performance materials with many advantages such as environmental protection, wear resistance, high elasticity, and yellowing resistance. The insole and sole material of many international famous brand sports shoes are made of it.

The hot melt adhesive film also has a corresponding solution for the bonding of TPU foam materials. We often use TPU hot melt adhesive film to bond such TPU foam materials. Since the TPU hot melt adhesive film belongs to the same variety as the TPU foam material in terms of material, it can also maintain many advantages of the TPU foam material.

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