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Hot Melt Adhesive Film Product Introduction

2022-02-24 17:06:48

Hot Melt Adhesive Film Product Introduction

Many people who have not been exposed to hot melt adhesive film products are relatively unfamiliar with this relatively new type of product. I don't know what the specific function of this thing that looks a bit like a film is?

Hot melt adhesive film is a film and also glue. Everyone must know that glue is used to bond things when it comes to glue. However, the glue in people's impression is often liquid, and it must be sticky to the touch. Is this slippery plastic film really glue? How on earth can it bond things? Many people may have this question.

In fact, not all glues are liquid, and not all glues have initial viscosity. Liquid glue with initial viscosity is just a relatively common understanding of glue. Because most of the glue that people come into contact with within their lives is such a substance, people have preconceived notions.

Hot melt adhesive film is a solid adhesive, which belongs to a class of hot melt adhesive products. For example, the hot-melt glue sticks that we use in our lives are also a type of hot-melt adhesive product. As a hot melt adhesive, it is solid at room temperature, so it is not vicious. When we use hot melt adhesive products, we usually heat them first, and after it is melted, they can become sticky to the adherend. Finally, after the hot-melt adhesive is cooled again, the hot-melt adhesive turns into a solid-state again. It has a certain strength of bonding effect on the adherend.

The reason why the hot-melt adhesive film is made into a film-like product is to meet the production needs of large-area composite production, especially in some large-area composite products that require continuous production. The use of hot-melt adhesive film can reduce the amount of glue dripping in the workshop. It can improve the workshop environment and greatly improve its production efficiency, and at the same time, it can obtain very excellent sizing uniformity.

Finally, to sum up, in one sentence, the hot melt adhesive film is such a film-like roll hot melt adhesive product. If you want to know more, you can browse our other articles or call us directly.

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