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What hot melt adhesive film has the strongest bonding strength?

2022-02-28 14:57:03

Hot melt adhesives are recognized as environmentally friendly adhesives. Hot melt films made from hot melt adhesives are certainly environmentally friendly, which is why hot melt films are getting more and more attention nowadays.


According to the raw material, hot melt adhesive film can be divided into various types. The more common ones are EVA hot melt adhesive film, TPU hot melt adhesive film, PA hot melt adhesive film, PES hot melt adhesive film, PO hot melt adhesive film. The corresponding chemical names are ethylene vinyl acetate polymer, thermoplastic polyurethane, polyamide, polyester, and polyolefin. These polymers have their characteristics, so the performance of hot melt adhesive film products is also different. Still, the most important performance indicator may be the bonding strength as an adhesive product. Hence, which of these types of hot melt adhesive film products have the best bonding strength?


There is no way to give an accurate answer to which is the best adhesive strength. The bonding characteristics of different adhesives are different for different materials, so there are differences in the bonding strength. For example, in bonding metals, PES hot melt adhesive film is generally better than TPU hot melt adhesive film. Still, a type of TPU hot melt adhesive film may be much better than PES hot melt adhesive film in bonding PVC plastics. Therefore, which material has the best bonding strength is not very specific and difficult to answer but generally requires a specific material type to be determined empirically.


Of course, it is often difficult to determine exactly which type of hot melt adhesive film bonds best when a specific type of material is given. We can only give an approximate result based on the most common situations and experiences. The final confirmation is most accurate when it comes to experimental testing. Even if the material is the same, the difference in surface roughness, surface tension, and other factors will eventually affect the bonding of the material because of the different processes.


So, hot melt adhesive film bonding strength is the best question for that material. You should now know how to answer it? Shanghai Hengning New Material Co., Ltd, specializing in the research and development, production, and sales of hot melt adhesive film products, has a wealth of experience in industrial applications. If you have any questions about material bonding, please consult Hengning.


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