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What is Po Hot Melt Adhesive Film?

2022-02-24 16:45:05

What is Po Hot Melt Adhesive Film?

PO hot melt adhesive film is a significant category in classifying hot melt adhesive film products. PO is the abbreviation of Polyolefins, and Polyolefins are translated as polyolefins. Therefore, PO hot melt adhesive film is also called polyolefin hot melt adhesive film.

So what is polyolefin? Polyolefin is a general term for a class of macromolecular polymers, usually referred to as alpha - A class of thermoplastic resins obtained by the separate polymerization or copolymerization of olefins and certain cyclic olefins. Polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) are the most commonly used polyolefins in hot melt adhesive films, that is, PE hot melt adhesive films and PP hot melt adhesive films, which are collectively referred to as PO hot-melt adhesive films. Melt film.

PO hot melt adhesive films are often produced by casting method and can also be produced by a coating method, depending on the characteristics of the specific formula material. PO hot melt adhesive film has good water-washing resistance. According to different materials, it also has good low-temperature resistance or high-temperature resistance and can withstand a high temperature of about 100 ℃.

The application of PO hot-melt adhesive film is not very common in traditional hot-melt adhesive film applications, such as clothing manufacturing and shoemaking industries, which do not use PO hot-melt adhesive films in large quantities. This is not because PO hot-melt adhesive films have problems with the bond strength of these materials, and even PO hot-melt adhesive films have better bond strength. The reason why it is not used in these fields is that the PO hot melt adhesive film has a poor feel and usually requires a relatively high temperature to use, which increases the energy cost of the enterprise.

The advantage of PO hot melt adhesive film is that it has a very good bonding effect on materials such as metal, plastic and wood. It has not only strong adhesion but also has high temperature boiling resistance and strong weather resistance. This makes the PO hot melt adhesive film have the opportunity to be used in the field of building materials that often have high requirements for weather resistance. The more mature and currently the largest application of PO hot melt adhesive film is the manufacture of aluminum-plastic panels, which are used to bond aluminum skins and plastic sheets. In addition, the manufacture of aluminum honeycomb panels also has some demand for such hot melt adhesive films.

In a word, PO hot melt adhesive film is a kind of hot melt adhesive film product with excellent performance, which has a good application effect for some specific materials and specific fields. It is believed that in the future, more and more material developers will understand and apply it.

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