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The difference between hot melt glue and glass glue

2022-02-25 15:06:21

Adhesive products are rich and diverse. Hot melt glue and glass glue can be household adhesives in various calling. They look similar. For people who are not familiar with it is easy to distinguish. Especially for household hot melt glue stick products, usually using a hot melt glue gun to apply glue, and the use of glass glue also needs to use the glass glue gun, which makes them more similar. Still, hot melt glue and glass glue have essential differences.


Different chemical composition


The main components of hot melt adhesives are large polymers such as polyamides, polyurethanes, ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymers, etc. It is an adhesive product with 100% solid content and does not require solvents. While the main component of glass adhesive is silicone, there are one-component silicone adhesive and two-component glass adhesive—the common one component silicone glass adhesive in the market.


Different ways of applying glue


Hot melt glue needs to be heated and melted before it can be bonded, and the glue must be heated to be fluid and spread effectively on the surface of the bonded object. The glass glue does not need to be heated for the common one-component silicone glue, as long as the direct extrusion from the hose can be.



Different curing mechanism


Hot melt adhesives are cured by heating the adhesive into a liquid, then cooled and hardened to produce adhesive strength. The common single-component silicone adhesive cures by contacting moisture in the air and producing a change in physical properties. Two-component silicone adhesive is divided into two groups, A and B. Any group alone can not form a cure, but once the two groups of adhesive paste are mixed to produce curing.


The application scope is not the same


The hot melt and glass adhesive bonding range is very wide, but the specific application is still slightly different. The common household hot melt adhesives are used for bonding crafts, cardboard, wood, plastic, metal, and other objects. Glass glue is often used in home decoration. They are used as doors, floors, windows, balconies, sinks, bathrooms, and other sealing caulking.


To sum up, hot melt glue and glass glue are two completely different adhesive products. They are confused by some people because writers often use glass glue and hot melt glue sticks, and people are more exposed to them. Moreover, hot melt glue after melting is very similar to the form of glass glue after being extruded.


There are many other forms of hot melt glue besides glue sticks, such as glue pellets, glue blocks, glue powder, glue film, and so on. They have a wide range of applications in the industrial field. It may not be necessary for adhesive practitioners to compare hot melt adhesives with glass adhesives.


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