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Application Inventory of Hot Melt Adhesive Film on Aluminum

2022-02-24 16:22:07

Application Inventory of Hot Melt Adhesive Film on Aluminum

In addition to being widely used in the textile field, hot melt adhesive film has been involved in many areas. Aluminum is more commonly used for hot melt adhesive film bonding.

As a metal material, aluminum is used in many industries due to its lightweight and high strength, especially in the building materials industry. Such as aluminum-plastic panels, aluminum alloy doors and windows, etc. Hot melt adhesive films are especially unique when dealing with aluminum bonding.

aluminum foil
Aluminum foil is a kind of material that presses metal aluminum into a thin film, which is widely used. When aluminum foil is used as a facing material, hot melt adhesive film is often considered for bonding. However, the hot melt adhesive film needs to use special machine and process considerations when bonding aluminum foil; otherwise, when bonding thinner aluminum foil, there will be wrinkles, resulting in defective products.

It is worth mentioning that many aluminum foils are compounded with PET films, and sometimes they are bonded to PET rather than to the aluminum foil surface during bonding. This requires many material developers to pay attention to the following.

Aluminum honeycomb panel
The traditional method of bonding aluminum honeycomb panels is to use the adhesive of a polyurethane system, and the bonding efficiency is low. Using hot melt adhesive film instead of traditional polyurethane adhesive bonding can greatly improve the bonding efficiency and improve the environmental protection specifications of the cost.

Aluminum composite panel
Aluminum composite panel bonding is a relatively mature industry using hot melt adhesive film. The production of the aluminum composite panel is compounded between PET composite aluminum film and PE plastic, and hot melt adhesive film is used in the middle. The compounding of this kind of hot melt adhesive film often adopts the continuous compounding production method, the production efficiency is extremely high, and the demand for the amount of adhesive film is also very huge.

Condensing evaporator
The condensing evaporator is a small part used in the refrigerator, which often involves the bonding between the aluminum tube and the aluminum plate. At present, the bonding of this part is also widely used as a solution of hot melt adhesive film bonding. Since the aluminum tube has a circular cross-section, the actual bonding surface is a line, and the bonding surface is small, so the requirements for the binding force of the hot melt adhesive film are still relatively high.

The main applications of hot melt adhesive films involving aluminum bonding are probably the above. Of course, there must be many applications of aluminum bonding that we have not covered yet. If you have any needs in this regard, you can contact us at any time.

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