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Points to note about hot melt adhesive film for shoe insoles

2022-02-25 11:18:19

Because of its environmental friendliness and remarkable bonding effect, hot melt adhesive film has gradually replaced the existing solvent-based glue. Hot melt films are also integrated into all aspects of our lives and have a long-term impact on our clothing, food, housing, and transportation. Today we're going to talk about applying hot melt adhesive film on foot mats.


Foot mats will usually have EVA, Orsolite, Hippolyte, PU, and other materials.


EVA hot melt adhesive film used in EVA foot mats we can choose the same sex EVA hot melt adhesive film, so there will be a very good bonding effect. Eva hot melt adhesive film compound melting point is low, the efficiency of the compound to improve a lot. And even if the texture of EVA footbed material is poor, compounding will not be deformed!



Outlet, Haiboli can choose crystalline polyurethane type hot melt adhesive film. Usually, choosing 1.5 silk ~ 2.5 silk can achieve a better peel strength. This type of material insoles breathable wearing comfortable, good body feeling!


The pump infusion insole process is relatively more complex than the above materials. This type of insole needs to be used together with a waterproof film. First need to face cloth low-temperature hot melt adhesive film waterproof membrane three in one composite together, in the next process to continue!


The second process requires using high-temperature hot melt adhesive film and fabric for backing compound, that is, compound control of the temperature so that the hot melt adhesive film and one-sided fabric lamination! This process on the composite equipment and workers operating technology requirements is relatively high; the advantage is that the cost can be compressed and breathable than the first process!


Customized class footbed: this kind of footbed material involves more. The type of hot melt adhesive film thickness selected is higher! We will recommend different hot melt adhesive film models according to the different materials to give a bonding program!


The above introduces the hot melt adhesive film used for our common foot mats. Next issue, we are talking about those industries that use our hot melt adhesive film!


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