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What is the Effect of High Temperature when Using Hot Melt Adhesive Film?

2022-02-24 17:59:10

What is the Effect of High Temperature when Using Hot Melt Adhesive Film?

The use process of hot melt adhesive film generally involves three elements, namely the hot pressing temperature, hot pressing time, and hot pressing pressure that we often say. Temperature, time and pressure are the three process parameters that must be regulated when using hot melt adhesive film. Usually, our manufacturer will give specific parameter guidance according to the product characteristics of hot melt adhesive film.

The process parameters of the hot-melt adhesive film are determined according to the melting range and the melting index of the hot-melt sticky cinema, that is, the temperature to which the hot-melt adhesive film needs to be heated to start melting and the fluidity after melting. Use this to determine the machine's temperature, time, and pressure.

To improve production efficiency, some manufacturers will use methods to increase machine temperature and shorten the hot pressing time. This is logically not bad, but it often causes some problems in practice. Let's talk about it below.
For some low-temperature adhesive film products, excessive temperature is easy to cause aging, deterioration, and even carbonization of the adhesive film. Hot melt adhesive films with these problems inevitably negatively affect bond strength, thereby reducing product quality.

If the hot melt adhesive film melts excessively and produces a certain degree of glue penetration and glue penetration, if the glue sticks to the machine without timely treatment, it will continue to age and accumulate, pollute and damage the machine to a certain extent, affecting the service life of the machine.
Although too high a temperature can shorten the hot pressing time, on the other hand, it consumes too much energy. If the production efficiency cannot be significantly improved, but too much energy is consumed, the cost of the enterprise will not be better controlled, and the gain will outweigh the loss.

In short, for the use process of hot melt adhesive film, it is best to use the process parameters recommended by the manufacturer and to adjust the parameters under the guidance of the hot melt adhesive film manufacturer according to your own actual situation. This is the correct approach.
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