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Is there hot melt adhesive film to bond PP board?

2022-02-28 15:04:27

PP plastic is difficult material, few adhesive products can be bonded, and few adhesives can be adapted to industrial production. Therefore, the bonding of PP materials has been a relatively difficult problem to solve.


PP honeycomb board is a common application of PP plastic. PP honeycomb board has the advantages of lightweight and high rigidity, moisture-proof and water-proof, energy-absorbing and sound-proof, green, and environmental protection. It is mainly used on some occasions with high strength-to-weight ratio requirements, both in the strength to meet certain requirements. At the same time, the weight should be as light as possible—for example, automobile box, containerboard, sound insulation decoration board, etc.


Hot melt adhesive film has made an outstanding contribution to solving the bonding problem of PP materials. Using PO-type hot melt adhesive film can have a better bonding effect on PP materials. According to the principle of similar compatibility, PO hot melt adhesive film and PP belong to the same polyolefin material, so they have good compatibility and can produce better bonding. However, it should be noted that not all PO hot-melt adhesive films have a good bonding effect on PP plastic, and if you want to reach a certain index of bonding strength, you need to do some modification treatment on the hot melt adhesive film itself.


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