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Is there formaldehyde in hot melt adhesive wall coverings that use hot melt adhesive film?

2022-02-28 11:48:08

As hot melt adhesive film becomes more and more widespread, it has now been applied to some home decoration building materials, such as decorative panels, wall coverings, curtains, and other materials between the composite. Especially in wallcovering, it has been a very mature application.


In the field of wall coverings, there are cold glue wall coverings and hot glue wall coverings. Cold glue wall cloth is a more traditional wall cloth. The use of glutinous rice modified adhesive to bond the wall cloth to the wall is generally considered environmentally friendly. The hot glue wall cloth is a relatively new type of wall cloth. He is used hot melt adhesive film backed on the back of the wall cloth and then used the iron to iron bonded to the wall.



Because it is used in the home environment, a common concern is whether the environmentally friendly material will not release some harmful substances, endangering human health. Nowadays, the news often explodes the newly installed house, because the formaldehyde content exceeds the standard, the people living in it get sick some things. The occurrence of such a thing is everyone does not want, so for the hot glue wall cloth this relatively new thing, people will naturally be concerned about it does not contain such harmful substances as formaldehyde.


We can responsibly tell you that the hot melt adhesive film used on the wallcovering will not contain formaldehyde. The hot melt adhesive film used on wall coverings is called EVA hot melt adhesive film. EVA is a what? The main component of EVA hot melt adhesive film is this. It is a high molecular weight substance, so it will not produce decomposition under normal circumstances and will not release harmful substances. In the case of iron heating, it will only produce melting, which is an irrational change, and there will be no chemical reaction and release of harmful substances.


People who know a little bit about adhesives will know that hot melt adhesive film is a form of hot melt adhesive. And hot melt adhesive is a very common environmentally friendly adhesive. It is different from tri-formaldehyde glue will have formaldehyde problems. It is also different from solvent-based adhesives. Solvent volatilization problems are a real sense of environmental protection adhesive products. That is why it has such a wide range of applications.


So, do you understand now? If your home decoration uses hot glue wall cloth, it is not to worry about the formaldehyde problem.


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