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Does hot melt adhesive film contain formaldehyde?

2022-02-25 15:02:47

Does hot melt adhesive film contain formaldehyde?


Formaldehyde is one of the things that people often talk about nowadays, and since it has entered the public eye, people are often troubled by the formaldehyde problem. Many people already know that formaldehyde mainly comes from adhesive products. Still, it is unclear what specific adhesive products roughly think all glue contains formaldehyde, which is not true.


Formaldehyde mainly comes from what kind of adhesive products? In the home improvement, we know that formaldehyde is mainly from various manufactured panels, including laminate flooring, because this plate is in the production of all to use to a class of adhesive products, such adhesive products collectively known as triamine glue. Three amine glue including urea-formaldehyde resin glue, phenolic resin glue, and melamine-formaldehyde resin glue. The main source of these three types of adhesives is formaldehyde because formaldehyde is one of the main raw materials for their production. The problem of free formaldehyde in urea-formaldehyde resin and melamine-formaldehyde resin is more serious, and free phenol is mainly in phenolic resin.



Formaldehyde is not present in all adhesive products, but it does not mean that no formaldehyde glue is not harmful. Another category of harmful adhesive products is collectively known as a solvent-based adhesive. What is a solvent-based adhesive? We need to know that the adhesive in bonding materials, the first need to wet the surface of the material, then organic solvents is a very common wetting agent. However, although organic solvents have a good wetting effect, they are very easily volatile. These low molecular substances, volatile into the air by human inhalation, are often harmful, sometimes even better than the harm of formaldehyde. But the good thing is that once the organic solvents evaporate, there is no harm, but formaldehyde is different from this. It is a long-term presence in the adhesive products, and with the aging of the glue will continue to have free formaldehyde released, but the amount of late will be relatively small, so it does not reach the degree of harm.


The main component of hot melt adhesive film is polymer, polyamide, polyurethane, etc. These materials are highly polymerized, so they are not harmful to the human body. At the same time, hot melt film is heated and melted to wet the material's surface to adhere. It does not need a solvent to help wet the material. Therefore, hot melt adhesive film is an environmentally friendly adhesive that does not contain formaldehyde or solvents.


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