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Are Hot-melt Double-sided Adhesive Lining and Hot-melt Web the Same Thing?

2022-02-24 18:20:05

Are Hot-melt Double-sided Adhesive Lining and Hot-melt Web the Same Thing?

There are many things, and different industries have different names. There has been no problem since the communication with the same industry, but there will be some problems once it crosses industries. Hot-melt double-sided adhesive lining and hot-melt web are two names for one thing. In the apparel industry, people are accustomed to calling it hot melt adhesive lining or double-sided adhesive lining. In contrast, people are used to calling it hot melt adhesive web in our adhesive sector.

Hot-melt adhesive web film or hot-melt double-sided adhesive lining is solid at room temperature and does not have initial viscosity. Still, at high temperatures, it will melt into a jelly-like liquid and become viscous.

Hot-melt adhesive web is made by melting hot-melt adhesive particles and spunlace netting, which belongs to a category of hot-melt adhesive products. Hot melt adhesive web can be used not only in the clothing industry but also in many industries such as automotive interiors, shoemaking, home textiles, and daily necessities.

Hot melt adhesive web is used in the field of clothing, which is also called hot melt adhesive lining. The most used materials are EVA and TPU materials, in addition to PA and PES materials. The hot melt adhesive web films of these materials have their own characteristics, and their performances in terms of softness, melting temperature, and water washing resistance are different.

The biggest feature of hot melt adhesive web film and the double-sided adhesive lining is that it has relatively excellent air permeability. Because it is a web shape made by a spinning process, there will be a slight gap between the bonding so that the product using this adhesive can keep the original material to be bonded during bonding. For example, in fabric compounding, the glue will not completely block the web of the fabric after melting so that it can still have certain breathability, which is also a feature that other adhesives such as hot melt adhesive film do not have.

In addition to good air permeability, the hot-melt web film has little effect on the feel of the fabric when it is attached, which is an important reason why the hot-melt web film is popular in the clothing field.

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