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Inventory of several types of special hot melt adhesive film products

2022-02-28 13:59:52

Many industries and fields have accepted hot melt adhesive film as an industrial adhesive product. Still, there are also many special kinds of hot melt adhesive film, which are briefly introduced below.


1. Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Conventional hot melt adhesive film has no initial adhesion at room temperature, but hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesive has some initial adhesion. Therefore, it can form a certain adhesive force to the bonded object when it is backed, and then it can be warmed up and pressed to produce a stronger bond after cooling.



2. High-stretch hot melt adhesive film

In clothing, there are often special parts that need good elasticity, and this time if it involves the compounding of materials, high elasticity hot melt adhesive film is used. The rebound rate of high elasticity hot melt film can reach about 98%, and the elasticity is very amazing. This hot melt adhesive film is generally TPU material, has soft characteristics, and is very comfortable to wear.


3. Hot melt film with color

Hot melt films with colors are customized according to the special needs of some customers. The common ones are black, blue, etc. The hot melt film is a colorless, transparent, or translucent material and is commonly available in milky white or mist. Hot melt films are manufactured by adding color masterbatches to the film, which will be colorful.


4. Heat-set hot melt films

The last type of hot melt film is the heat-set hot melt film, which is not a traditional hot melt film, but a film made of a heat-set material. The film itself is cured by heating but is characterized by a higher temperature resistance than traditional hot melt films.


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