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How to tell the quality of hot melt adhesive film products

2022-02-25 15:09:34

Hot melt films are widely used in the garment, shoe, luggage, electronic and automotive industries. People are both familiar and unfamiliar with hot melt film products. There are countless manufacturers of hot melt adhesive films of all sizes. What kind of hot melt adhesive films has guaranteed quality? Or how to identify the quality of hot melt film products? Here I will share how to see the quality of hot melt film.


See if the size is standard


There is a strict distinction between the size of hot melt adhesive film products, and the size of the product is one of the most basic judgments of the quality of hot melt adhesive film. After the purchaser receives the goods, the product specifications need to be tested before being warehoused. The thickness of the film, the width of the film, the number of meters per roll, the presence of joints, etc., all indicate the quality of the film. One of the most important points is the thickness of the film. The thickness of the product is directly related to the bonding effect and, of course, the cost of production.


Some hot melt film manufacturers produce films with poor thickness uniformity. The same roll of film, some places are much thicker, some are much thinner, which does not meet the requirements of hot melt film production. The poor uniformity of thickness is very detrimental to the use of hot melt films.



Testing Physical Parameters


Hot melt film needs to be heated to a certain temperature to melt, and the melting temperature is different for different types of films. The cooling rate is also different, which is determined by the physical properties of the film. Therefore, when the purchaser receives the goods, he needs to do a basic inspection of the physical parameters of the hot melt film to make sure that they are consistent with the stated parameters before using the product. The physical properties of hot melt films often include melting point and melting finger.


The viscosity, softening point, yellowing resistance index, etc., may also be tested if more specialized. These parameters directly affect the process of using hot melt adhesive film. In other words, they directly affect the bonding effect of hot melt adhesive film.


Look at the appearance of the product


In some industries, there are certain requirements for the appearance of the hot melt film. For example, some applications require black hot melt adhesive film and blue hot melt adhesive film, so it is necessary to check whether the color meets the requirements. Some industries need hot melt film transparency and need a hot melt film with good transparency to transparent bond products. Some industries use it for optical equipment and even need to do a strict test on the transmittance of the film products.


Adhesive strength testing


No matter what adhesive is used, the main thing is to bond well in the end, so a material bonding test must be done. Only in the actual process conditions the bonding test can explain the problem. The bonding strength is not up to the demand, even if the specifications, appearance, and physical parameters are the same. There is no practical significance.


That's about all there is to know about the quality of hot melt adhesive film. Companies should judge whether the quality of hot melt adhesive film meets their own material bonding needs according to their actual situation, not just from some specific parameters to measure because what suits you is the best.


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