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Can Hot Melt Adhesive Film Bond Tarpaulins?

2022-02-24 16:17:53

Can Hot Melt Adhesive Film Bond Tarpaulins?

Waterproof cloth is a kind of fabric that can block water. It is widely used in the production of multi-functional clothing and outdoor products, such as jackets and tents. We know that hot melt adhesive films have been widely used in the field of clothing today for bonding and lamination of clothing fabrics. So, can the tarpaulin be bonded with hot melt adhesive film? The answer is yes.

However, the bonding of tarpaulins is not a very easy task. Unlike ordinary textiles, tarpaulins have a layer of coating on the surface of ordinary fabrics in order to have the function of waterproofing. It has extremely low surface energy, so it is difficult for water to wet its surface, thus obtaining the function of waterproofing.

We know that surface wetting is very important for adhesives to play a bonding role. The fabric coated with a waterproof coating is difficult to wet due to its extremely low surface energy. Bond it, and because of this, for a long time, there was no suitable hot melt adhesive film product that could effectively bond the tarpaulin.

However, after years of hard work by R&D personnel, people finally developed a hot-melt adhesive film product that can be used to bond tarpaulins. Since it is used in the field of clothing, the bonding itself needs to be waterproof and washable. Therefore, this type of bonding tarpaulins The hot melt adhesive film generally belongs to the TPU hot melt adhesive film system.
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