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How is the thickness of hot melt adhesive film measured

2022-02-28 12:42:50

Hot melt adhesive film is a film-like product that resembles plastic film in appearance, so many people who do not know about it will confuse it with plastic film. The thickness of hot melt film is generally between 0.01mm and 0.15mm. In the hot melt film industry, 0.01mm is called a filament, and 0.15mm is 15 filaments. 15 filaments is a relatively thick film.


As you can imagine, the thickness of hot melt film is very thin, sometimes even thinner than paper, so how is this stuff measured? How does the production control the thickness? Is it possible to measure the thickness of something so thin? Probably many people will have such questions.



You don't have to worry about this kind of problem because there is a special tool for measuring the thickness of hot melt adhesive film, called the thickness gauge. This is a thickness measuring instrument that can measure the thickness of very thin products. The specific form of the measuring tool thickness gauge is shown below.


Generally, when hot melt adhesive films are produced online, there are instruments for real-time thickness monitoring. If the automation is a little less, the thickness gauge is also used to measure and adjust the thickness online. In real production, as long as the thickness is adjusted, generally run production according to the same thickness, and then do the appropriate sampling can be almost controlled.


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