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Hot melt adhesive film has many applications

2022-02-28 10:13:45

With the continuous development of science and technology, new things and new products are emerging, which involve the development and research of new materials. The compounding of different materials is a very common need. Hot melt adhesive film has been a special contribution in solving these needs. Many very familiar products that you may not even know have hot melt adhesive film applications. Here are just a few of the hot melt film applications you may not know about.


Hot Melt Film Applications in Electronics


Hot melt films are used in many electronic products we use every day, such as cell phones, pads, and computers. Because electronic products are generally used for conductive foam, it is a kind of electronic shielding material. Is the conductive cloth and foam review together? This compound is the use of hot melt adhesive film products.



The application of hot melt adhesive film in the field of sheet metal


The sheet material is a building material field, and hot melt adhesive film also has a relatively wide range of applications. The color steel composite aluminum composite is more common, which is generally designed for aluminum foil and plastic composite bonding. Generally, polyolefin hot melt adhesive film products are used. In addition, there are also decorative panel surface finishes that use hot melt adhesive film products, which generally involve the bonding of substrates and wood veneer or PVC veneer.


Hot melt adhesive film in the field of wall coverings


Wallcovering is a type of wall covering often used in modern high-end decoration. There are two types of wallcoverings. One is the traditional cold glue wallcovering, while the other is hot melt. Hot glue wallcovering uses hot melt adhesive film products instead of the traditional cold glue directly ironed on the wall. Hot melt wall coverings are environmentally friendly, clean, efficient, and can generally be occupied on the same day of construction.


Application of hot melt adhesive film in the solar photovoltaic field


The solar photovoltaic industry is a high-tech industry that has suddenly emerged in the past few years, and many companies are competing for it. The production of solar photovoltaic will use a special EVA hot melt adhesive film. Due to the large amount, particular companies are already producing this kind of hot melt adhesive film only for the photovoltaic industry.


Hot melt adhesive film for outdoor pools


Outdoor swimming pools are generally used as temporary assemblies for children to play in recreation areas. The bonding of PC or PVC materials is involved, and while the bonding strength meets certain requirements, the hot melt adhesive film needs to be waterproof and withstand certain temperatures.


The application of hot melt adhesive film can be said to be very wide. In addition to the applications mentioned above, many large and small industries are trying to use hot melt adhesive film to replace the traditional glue bonding process. Such as cosmetic powder puff, refrigerator condensing evaporator, packaging industry, medical industry, etc... These industries are attracted by the efficiency and cleanliness of hot melt films. We believe that hot melt adhesive film will achieve better development in the future.


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