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How does hot melt adhesive film help to increase the value of a laminating plant?

2022-02-28 14:08:41

As a relatively new adhesive product, hot melt film is now widely used in large area lamination in the garment, footwear, and automotive industries. As it happens, these are the areas in which laminators are currently operating. As a result, hot melt adhesive film products are becoming more and more important to the laminating plant community. So, how does hot melt film help laminators to enhance their value?


The problem with glue lamination is that there is a serious drip phenomenon and a lot of pungent odor during the lamination process, which seriously endangers workers' health. And in terms of compounding effect, in comparison, glue compounding is more likely to produce the phenomenon of glue permeability, glue uniformity is not good to grasp, so the compound quality is not very stable.



After using hot melt adhesive film lamination, the workshop environment of the laminating factory will be greatly improved. Not only will there be no pungent odor, but the workshop will also become neat, greatly improving the working environment of the workers. At the same time, since the uniformity of hot melt film thickness is strictly controlled at the time of production, the quality of products laminated with hot melt film is relatively stable, and the efficiency of lamination is improved to a certain extent after a skilled operation. Moreover, in some special applications of the lamination process, hot melt adhesive film instead of traditional glue to laminate, but also to save the process, play a role in reducing labor and material costs.


With the increase in environmental inspections this year and people's concern for their health, hot melt film has become an inevitable trend to replace traditional glue. Many downstream enterprises of the composite plant have also begun to request composite processing using the hot melt adhesive film process to replace the traditional glue composite process. In this form, hot melt adhesive film has been widely used by the composite plant. As long as it involves a large area of composite, it will first consider the use of the hot melt adhesive film process to composite processing.


Therefore, hybrid plants must understand this new process to enhance their competitiveness. And to consider introducing a hot melt film lamination process to laminate production to improve their process level. Because of this, hot melt adhesive film has almost become a necessary tool for the transformation and upgrading of laminating processing plants.


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