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Hot melt adhesive films in the automotive industry

2022-02-25 14:57:24

With the great development of China's automobile industry, the popularity of domestic cars has been increasing in recent years, and especially domestic cars have been maintaining a strong momentum of development and become the hope of revitalizing the national industry. In the manufacturing process of automobiles, there are a lot of different materials to be bonded, which requires adhesive products to help complete the process. Hot melt adhesive film is one of the adhesive products used in the automotive industry.


In the automotive industry, many materials need to be bonded, such as aluminum in metal materials, ABS, PP, PE in plastic, fabric, felt, leather, rubber, etc. Each of them has different characteristics. Each of them has different characteristics, and the bonding requirements are different.




Hot melt adhesive film is a kind of hot melt adhesive because it is a thermoplastic adhesive product. Due to this limitation, it is generally not used to do structural bonding but only for non-structural bonding applications. Therefore, hot melt adhesive film is widely used in automotive interiors, such as the lamination of car roofs, car seats, car foot mats, and other parts. It can be said that the application of hot melt adhesive film in these similar areas involving large area lamination is relatively mature. Still, there are attempts in bonding other parts of the car, but it is not fully mature for the whole industry yet.


Since the car is a very small space, this space has very good airtightness. With the increasing dependence on the car and the time spent in the car is getting longer and longer, the environmental protection of the car is getting more and more attention and attention, so the automotive industry generally has very high requirements for testing the air environment in the car.


The biggest impact on VOCs emissions is the car interior materials, especially interior material adhesive products. We'd better use environmentally friendly adhesives without VOCs emissions to avoid materials that cause air pollution in the car and affect the health of passengers. In this way, the former strong solvent-based adhesives have lost their usefulness because of the solvent volatilization problem and were replaced by hot melt products.


In addition, it is worth mentioning that the automotive industry is an industry that requires a particularly high degree of automation, which needs to be taken into account in all processes. Hot melt films' efficiency, cleanliness, and environmental friendliness meet this requirement. Although hot melt film is not the only adhesive product that can be used in automobiles, it is a very good adhesive product compared to other types of adhesives and deserves continued attention.


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