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Equipment and operation for hot melt film lamination - a must-see

2022-02-25 11:15:18

Our common hot melt film laminating equipment


Water glue laminating machine: this machine only needs simple modification both can easily use environmental protection hot melt adhesive film to laminate!


Flat laminating machine: This is also known as a hot lining machine. The heating area is up and down heating, can be multi-layer composite, such as three-in-one, five-in-one, etc... The practical function relative to the water glue laminating machine is stronger!


Flat press machine: This laminating machine is mostly suitable for intermittent operation and single-piece laminating!



Hot melt adhesive film using three major elements


Temperature: temperature in the composite hot melt adhesive film is the most important link. Usually, in the conventional composite materials, we recommend the composite temperature in selecting hot melt adhesive film based on an increase of about 30-50 degrees! It is conducive to the full dissolution of the hot melt adhesive film so that the performance of the hot melt adhesive film shows the best state!


Pressure: Generally speaking, we recommend compounding pressure at 3 kg. Of course, more often than not, specific materials need to be treated specifically to achieve the best-combined effect. The purpose of using pressure is to master the composite process by mastering the pressure can make the hot melt adhesive film and the bonded material more fully penetrated. So that after the hot melt adhesive film is completely cured, peel strength will reach the effect of broken material!


Time: After the temperature and pressure, we need to pay attention to is the compounding machine compound time. This and compound pressure is a reason! Time is too short. Hot melt adhesive film can not completely dissolve. Time is too long will make the hot melt film vaporization volatile! So, according to the different materials, we need to debug the appropriate compounding speed.


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