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Can Hot Melt Adhesive Film Be Used for Bonding Plastics?

2022-02-24 16:25:25

Can Hot Melt Adhesive Film Be Used for Bonding Plastics?

The bonding of plastics is usually a complex problem in the industry. Can plastics be bonded with hot melt adhesive films? Many material developers may have this question. Today we are going to talk about this topic.

The scope of the word plastic is enormous; it is our general term for a class of chemical products. Our common plastics may be PVC, PE, PP, etc., but plastics are not limited to these materials. For example, the bonding of shoe materials is often involved in our hot melt film industry and the EVA foam in shoe materials. TPU foam material is now bonded using hot melt adhesive film. EVA foam material and TPU foam material are essentially a kind of plastic.

For another example, the field of clothing commonly used by our hot melt adhesive film also involves plastic products. Because the materials of clothing fabrics are varied. Natural materials are cotton, linen, silk and so on. There are natural ones and synthetic ones that are chemical fibres. Chemical fibre is actually a plastic product because it is also extracted from petroleum, but it is finally made into textiles, and it is essentially no different from plastic.

So, you have to ask, can plastics be bonded with hot melt adhesive film? The answer is definitely yes, and in fact, in a broad sense, hot melt adhesive films have been widely used in plastic products. So, in a narrow sense, can the plastic products we usually see be bonded with hot melt adhesive film? That's another question.

The material properties of different plastics are actually very different. Some plastics are very difficult to bond, especially some plastic products with relatively high oiliness, such as polytetrafluoroethylene, which is a kind of plastic that is difficult to bond.

But for ordinary plastic products, it is usually possible to find adhesive solutions, and it is also feasible to find hot melt adhesive films to debond. For example, for PVC plastics, you can try to use TPU type hot melt adhesive films to bond, while PE plastics and PP plastics can usually try to use PO-type hot melt adhesive film products for bonding.

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