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Advantages of Hot Melt Adhesive Film

2022-02-24 14:23:25

Advantages of Hot Melt Adhesive Film

As a relatively new type of adhesives, hot melt adhesive film has attracted more and more attention from material developers in recent years. New applications in various handicrafts and manufacturing industries are emerging one after another. Why do more and more material developers choose hot melt adhesive film? Choosing hot melt adhesive film as the adhesive has the following advantages:
1. Cleaning: The hot-melt adhesive film is soft and smooth and is packed in a solid movie. It will not drip like glue and pollute the production environment. It is a clean adhesive variety, which is conducive to keeping the workshop clean and tidy at all times;
2. Environmental protection: hot melt adhesive film products do not contain any solvents, do not pollute the environment, and are a type of environmentally friendly adhesive products;
3. High efficiency: The hot melt adhesive film has a fast curing speed, which can realize rapid bonding and can form a strong bonding strength in a few seconds;
4. Safety: Because it does not contain solvents, hot melt adhesive film is a safe adhesive variety, which will not adversely affect the health of workers, and there is no hidden danger in the production process;
5. Wide range of application: hot melt adhesive film has a wide range of applications due to its wide variety of materials, especially strong bonding fastness to certain materials, and its performance can be better than conventional glue;
6. Automatic production can be realized: hot melt adhesive film can realize automatic assembly line operation with continuous compounding equipment, with extremely high production efficiency and stable quality;
7. Portable: Due to the uniform thickness, when using the hot melt adhesive film, it is only necessary to place it between the adherents and iron it, and there is no need to consider the uniformity of sizing like glue;
8. Repeated bonding: If the hot melt adhesive film is not ideally bonded once, it can be peeled off by heating in some cases, and the peeled product can be repeatedly bonded by heating;
9. Functional characteristics: hot melt adhesive film can meet various functional requirements such as dry cleaning resistance, water washing resistance, low-temperature resistance and high-temperature resistance;
10. Hot melt adhesive film can be used as both adhesive and sealant.
It is precise because of the above advantages of hot melt adhesive film that it is more and more concerned and loved by material developers. However, hot melt adhesive film also has its inherent defects. Later we will introduce to you what are the defects of hot melt adhesive film.

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