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What is the Compounding of Hot Melt Adhesive Film

2022-02-24 14:20:09

What is the Compounding of Hot Melt Adhesive Film?

The compounding of the hot-melt adhesive film uses hot melt adhesive film as an adhesive to compound two layers of materials of different or the same material together. It is generally used in the manufacturing process of clothing fabrics, shoe decoration leather, and luggage leather goods. In the traditional process, the compounding of these materials usually uses solvent-based glue. After the self-heating adhesive film product appeared in the market, the traditional glue was basically eliminated.

Taking the double-layer fabric involved in clothing production as an example, the cuffs and collars in the clothing accessories need to be reinforced and compounded by the double-layer fabric. At this time, hot melt adhesive film is needed. There are many kinds of hot melt films in different materials, and their melting point temperatures are also different. Hot-melt adhesive films include pes hot-melt adhesive film, pa hot-melt adhesive film, Eva hot melt adhesive film, the hot-melt adhesive film, etc. PA hot-melt adhesive film is generally used in the field of garment fabric compounding because PA hot-melt adhesive film usually has Better stiffness and greater adaptability in the field of clothing.

How to complete the bonding when using hot melt adhesive film? When we use hot melt adhesive film or hot melt adhesive mesh, we just need to lay them flat in the middle of the two layers of material. At room temperature, the hot melt adhesive film looks like an ordinary film and will not have any stickiness. So, put it in the middle of the material, and it will not have a binding effect for the time being.

Under the action of high temperature, the hot melt adhesive film will melt into a liquid, which makes it sticky. The hot melt adhesive film that melts into a liquid will wet the surface of the adherend. Under certain pressure, the glue penetrates into the adherend on both sides. After cooling, it forms a relatively strong strength, which is hot melt—composite bonding of adhesive films.
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