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Which hot melt adhesive film can be used to laminate metallic materials with non-metallic materials?

2022-02-28 11:42:05

Material developers often encounter the bonding of metallic and non-metallic materials. Due to the different nature between metals and non-metals, it is not easy to find a suitable adhesive product to bond or compound them.


Although the bonding range of hot melt adhesive products is wide, the general bonding strength is not high, especially the conventional hot melt adhesive products used in clothing, shoe materials, and packaging convenience. The conventional hot melt adhesive product's cohesive strength is not very high. That is not for metal and non-metal materials bonding composite, and hot melt adhesive film is no way? The answer is not so.



For the most common EVA film, bonding metal and non-metallic materials must be possible, but often the performance does not meet the material testing requirements. Because EVA adhesive film bonding, although more extensive, the bonding strength is not enough. For bonding metal and non-metal materials, we often use PES hot melt adhesive film or PO hot melt adhesive film products. These two hot melt films have good bonding strength for metal and non-metal, and their cohesion is stronger than conventional EVA hot melt films.


However, it should be mentioned that not as long as the PES or PO hot melt adhesive film will be good for metal and non-metal, the specific bonding effect still needs to see whether the specific formula is reasonable. We say that PES and PO hot melt adhesive films are highly feasible because we have tried many formulas and found that their effect is generally up to the test standard and the highest.


For example, we would use a PO type of hot melt adhesive film product for bonding aluminum foil and PE plastic. The bonding strength of this product is very good, and the peeling force is very high. The water-resistance and weathering performance also often pass the test standards. Therefore, this hot melt adhesive film is widely used in many decorative panels.


Of course, the metal and non-metal materials are very diverse, and specific materials also need to be treated. Specifically, many materials themselves are difficult to stick. It is generally difficult to find a good solution, such as metal copper bonding, and then the PP material bonding, which is more difficult to solve the problem in the industry. We are more experienced in bonding such materials and welcome you to discuss with us.


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