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What is the price of your hot melt film?

2022-02-28 10:32:58

Many of our customers and friends ask, "What is the price of your hot melt film?" Or "How much is your adhesive per kilogram?" It's hard to answer this question all at once because many of our customers and friends lack an understanding of hot melt films.


First of all, there are many different types of hot melt films, and different types of hot melt films are used in many fields. Their materials and models are different, and there are differences in the formulations. If you inquire about a very mature application, we will directly recommend our product specifications and quotes. Suppose you are inquiring about a newer field. In that case, we must have a specific understanding of the industry you belong to confirm the adhesive film's selection and ultimately provide the best solution.


The inquiry is the first time we communicate with the customer, it is an opportunity to understand each other, and only mutual understanding can help solve the problem. Some of our customer friends are not good at providing useful information during the inquiry, but this information is very helpful in finding a solution. So what are the most important issues we care about in the process of receiving customer inquiries? Here is a brief introduction to you.



1. The industry


Nowadays, the application of adhesives has penetrated all walks of life. Composite materials are indispensable in modern society and involve the compounding of materials. Adhesive products are indispensable. Hot melt adhesive film is a new type of adhesive dedicated to replacing traditional adhesive in some industries specific applications. Each industry has the characteristics of each industry, to inform the industry to which we belong to help us mobilize some existing industry data to go with the product selection.


2. Bonding materials


Glue is like medicine, the right medicine to cure the disease. Similarly, the material should be glued to bond firmly. Therefore, in the inquiry process, we are inevitably looking for materials, especially in our immature fields or unfamiliar fields. If you are not convenient to tell us, you can provide a small sample for us to do the bonding test. Before choosing the right adhesive film for you, we urgently need you to provide specific information on the bonding material because we have many kinds of hot melt adhesive film products. Without the information on the bonded material, we can not determine the variety of adhesive film.


3. Bonding process


There is a fundamental difference in how hot melt adhesive films are applied compared to traditional liquid adhesives. Hot melt films are easier to operate than liquid adhesives, but they require hot stamping and preparation. If you have used hot melt films before, please let us know, and we will give you specific instructions based on your actual process operation. If you have not worked with hot melt films before, please let us know as much as possible about the key points of your process, and we will judge whether our films are the most reasonable choice for you.


Usually, when consultation occurs, there are two roles. One is the buyer, and the other is the technical person who develops the material. The purchasing role is generally more concerned with price, while the technical role is more concerned with product parameters. Regardless of which role you play, it is best to provide the three points of information mentioned above: industry, material to be bonded, and bonding process, which will be the beginning of smooth communication.


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