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What are the distinct advantages of hot melt flat film and hot melt mesh film?

2022-02-25 14:59:41

Hot melt flat film and hot melt mesh film are both hot melt products. They are one thing. In essence, both are hot melt adhesives. Even the same formula of raw materials can be made into hot melt flat film and hot melt mesh film. The only difference between them is that the process used to produce them is so different that they have different forms, one is a film, and the other is a mesh. These differences in form lead to the many differences between them.


For hot melt adhesive mesh film, the most common occasion is connecting fabrics, often large format lamination, to be used, such as wall coverings, curtain fabrics, clothing fabrics, shoe fabrics lamination. Because fabrics often do not need a very large bonding strength, as long as they can be bonded together, mesh film can achieve such requirements. Another point is that fabric bonding often requires a certain degree of softness, which can be achieved more easily with hot melt mesh products. Hot melt flat films often have to be very thin to achieve this effect. In addition, hot melt webs are thought to have better breathability than hot melt flat films, but this is not scientifically proven.




For hot melt flat films, the range of applications is generally considered a bit broader. In addition to fabrics, they are used in various materials and applications. Because hot melt flat films have a more uniform glue surface, they can be applied more evenly. In addition, it is more adaptable than hot melt webs, allowing it to be used in more applications than just large area lamination and to withstand greater pulling forces. Hot melt flat films tend to have more adhesive volume than mesh films.


Hot melt web films are often considered more cost-effective, but when compared to hot melt flat films and hot melt web films, it depends on the gram weight of the specific product. If you look at gram weight, the difference in price between flat and mesh films of the same material may not be significant. The lower cost of the mesh film may be because the gram weight of the film itself is lower than that of the flat film, and the amount of glue is less.


Do you now know the trade-off between hot melt flat film and mesh? In general, for fabric attachment, consider hot melt mesh film first, and for non-fabric bonding, consider hot melt flat film first.


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