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The causes and solutions of bubbles in hot melt adhesive film lamination

2022-02-28 14:15:27

When some customers use hot melt adhesive film for production, will they encounter the phenomenon of air bubbles in the laminated finished products? So what causes bubbles in the lamination process of hot melt film, and how do bubbles effectively reduce the impact of bubbles on the lamination quality?


Hot melt film lamination will produce bubbles, on the one hand, maybe because the hot melt film itself contains excess moisture. In the case of high temperature and pressure, water vapor will be generated. At the same time, it encounters the situation that it cannot be effectively excluded, so it remains in the laminating part, resulting in poor lamination.



On the other hand, hot melt adhesive film in lamination takes the unsuitable operation process. For example, in the case of larger areas, flat presses are used instead of roller lamination, and the gas in the adhesive layer cannot be effectively excluded during the lamination process.


So how to reduce the impact of air bubbles on the quality of hot melt film lamination? We think, first of all, we should store the hot melt adhesive film as required and use dry, hot melt adhesive film products to prevent the film itself from carrying too much water vapor. Second, choose the right laminating equipment to use roller-type laminating equipment. If you must use flatbed hot pressing equipment, make sure to take certain exhaust measures, such as sectional pressurization. After the hot pressing is completed, it also needs to be cold-pressed to ensure the adhesive quality better.


Have you ever encountered similar problems when using hot melt adhesive film production? I hope the appeal suggestions can help you better use hot melt adhesive film products in some way.


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