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Shoe upper

2022-02-17 09:58:05


|  Product description

The shoe manufacturing process is complex, and the upper material involves a wide variety of types, involving leather, artificial leather, fabric, etc., involving a variety of models of hot melt adhesive film and hot melt adhesive mesh film products. In the past, the lamination of shoe materials usually used white glue, which could not meet the demand of environmental protection. At present, the shoe material industry has widely used hot melt adhesive film process to replace the traditional glue, the production process can be seamlessly docked, the equipment does not need to be changed.


EVA hot melt adhesive film is often used for upper lamination, and EVA hot melt adhesive film without base material is used according to the process requirements. The thickness of the adhesive film used in the upper lamination is usually 10-15 silk, which can achieve a better bonding strength, and also make the surface of the upper stiff and shaped.


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