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2022-02-17 10:11:57


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Electronics have now penetrated into every aspect of human life, computers, cell phones, smart products are used by everyone every day. But you may not know that behind these products, there is also the figure of hot melt adhesive film.

1. Hot melt adhesive film for electronic products' protective cover


One of the more intuitive applications of hot melt adhesive film on electronic products is the lamination of electronic product covers. The speed of updating electronic products is overwhelming, and consumers' requirements for protective covers are getting higher and higher, from the aesthetics of the appearance to the inner quality of the product, and the environmental protection requirements. Protective cover also from the original sewing process to no sewing process (voltage, hot pressing), the initial production plants are using glue bonding, not only poor quality and low efficiency, and the scrap rate is very high, using a lot of labor.


Electronic products protective cover is involved in the composite bonding of leather and plastic, this time often choose to use clean hot melt adhesive film products, often using TPU hot melt adhesive film bonding. TPU hot melt adhesive film often on leather, PU leather, a variety of plastic materials have a better bonding phenomenon.


2. Hot melt adhesive film for electronic shielding material


In addition, the application of hot melt adhesive film in the field of electronic shielding materials is also relatively mature. Electronic shielding materials involving foam and conductive cloth composite, often used is PES hot melt adhesive film. Electronic shielding materials in the hot melt film thickness requirements are relatively high, often using thin hot melt film products, and the film thickness precision control to be better, sometimes according to the requirements of electronic enterprises, but also need to film products with certain flame retardant function, which puts relatively high requirements on the production of hot melt film companies.


As a new form of adhesive products, hot melt adhesive film has many application highlights, and it is attracting more attention from material application developers in the industry with the advantages of environmental protection and cleanliness. We have many years of experience in the application of hot melt adhesive film, if you have any questions, please feel free to consult us.


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