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Shoe insole laminated

2022-02-17 09:56:40

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The compounding of insoles generally involves the compounding between materials such as mesh, leather and EVA foam or TPU foam, and the bonding strength requirements are relatively high after compounding. Before the hot melt adhesive film process became popular, glue was commonly used for lamination, which was not only not environmentally friendly, but also had dripping problems, affecting the workshop environment and workers' health. With the development and production of hot melt adhesive film without base material in the hot melt adhesive film industry, the cost of the hot melt adhesive film process has been reduced, making it possible to replace traditional glue laminated insoles with hot melt adhesive film. The hot melt film process is simple, easy to use, and requires little or no modification in equipment. The benefits are environmentally friendly, clean production, and, from a comprehensive cost perspective, cost reduction.


EVA hot melt film or TPU hot melt film is often used for the lamination of insoles, depending on the material of the insole to be bonded. Generally EVA foam material is used EVA hot melt adhesive film, TPU foam material is used TPU hot melt adhesive film for bonding. According to the specific requirements of the bonding, generally choose the thickness of no base material hot melt adhesive film products within 5 filaments.


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