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Reasons for poor bonding of hot melt adhesive films

2022-02-28 14:12:44

Hot melt adhesive film is widely used in many fields, and people know more and more about hot melt adhesive film. However, understanding is only relative, and there are still some problems in using hot melt adhesive film, the most common one being the poor bonding.


There is no single reason why a hot melt adhesive film does not bond well but is affected by various reasons. For people who do not understand the bonding mechanism of hot melt adhesive film, it is difficult to determine what causes the bonding of hot melt adhesive film to be not strong. Thus arbitrarily judging the quality of hot melt adhesive film as not good. This is not the case. What are the reasons for the poor bonding of hot melt adhesive film?



1. The wrong type of hot melt film

Hot melt adhesive film products are often developed for different materials bonding different types of adhesive. Although the product's appearance is a film-like product, as if the difference is not very big, in essence, their composition chemical properties are certain differences. Therefore, there is a difference in the bonding power to different materials. For example, a kind of adhesive bonding metal adhesion is very strong, but bonding plastic may not be able to bond firmly with it.


2. Hot melt adhesive film sizing process

Any adhesive product has its unique sizing process, and hot melt adhesives are no exception. This is often not well understood by those who have not used hot melt films. When we heat hot melt adhesive film for laminating, we must use the best combination of temperature and heating time to achieve a good bond. Too high a temperature and too long a time will result in excessive melting and penetration of the adhesive; too low a temperature and too short a time will result in insufficient melting of the adhesive, all of which will result in a poor final bond.


Of course, we need to pay attention to many details of the specific process, such as the choice of laminating equipment, the choice of laminating method, and so on. Almost every hot melt film has its place.


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