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Powder Puff

2022-02-17 10:10:50


|  Product description

Hot melt adhesive films are becoming more and more popular among material users today as an environmentally friendly and clean adhesive product. This also makes the application of hot melt adhesive film more and more widespread.


Air cushion powder puff is a product familiar to the majority of women who like makeup. But many people do not know that the small powder puff product also involves the compounding between different materials, and when it comes to compounding, then adhesive will definitely be used. The most important thing is that it is very easy to understand the high demand for the environmental protection of the air cushion puff which is a woman's belongings. Therefore, hot melt adhesive film, an environmentally friendly product, has undoubtedly become a suitable adhesive category for laminating between air cushion puff materials.


Compared to pressure-sensitive adhesives, hot-melt films have a higher bond strength and reliability. Compared to traditional adhesives, hot melt films are more convenient to use and can guarantee a clean production without low fallout. Such unique advantageous features are also favorable conditions for the application of hot melt adhesive film in the lamination of air cushion powder puff materials.


As we know, air cushion puffs have a high usage rate and belong to daily use, so they have certain requirements for adhesive strength. In addition, since the puff products are often in contact with cosmetics, they generally also need to have good resistance to water washing and high temperature washing to ensure that the finished puffs will not produce quality problems such as open glue even after water washing or high temperature washing, and will not be prone to quality problems in the case of high conventional water content.


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