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Is the viscosity and bond strength of hot melt adhesive film a concept?

2022-02-28 14:49:09

Many people confuse the viscosity of hot melt film with bond strength, thinking that viscosity is bond strength and bond strength is viscosity. When we receive inquiries, we often encounter people who ask us how the viscosity of hot melt film is, but actually, they are asking how the bond strength of hot melt film is.


The viscosity of hot melt adhesive film and the bond strength are two different concepts. Viscosity refers to the viscosity of the hot melt film, which can be interpreted as the liquid's resistance that prevents it from flowing. It can be said that the higher the viscosity, the worse the flow, and the lower the viscosity, the better the flow.



The difference between the concept of bond strength and viscosity is significant. Bonding strength refers to how firmly the adhesive is bonded between the two bonded objects after bonding them, and a minimum force required to split or destroy this connection becomes the bonding strength.


So, it would help if you understood that viscosity and bonding strength are not interchangeable. There is a difference in their actual meaning.


Also, it is worth mentioning that the bond strength itself is not a fixed value. If we were asked what the bond strength of a certain hot melt film product is, logically, we would not answer. For adhesives, the size of the bonding strength must be expressed about the bonded material to be meaningful. Because the actual bond strength varies greatly depending on the bonded material.


So, after knowing this, you should not confuse the concept of viscosity and bonding strength. And you will not just ask yourself how much the adhesive strength is such a logically unanswerable question.


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