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Is hot melt adhesive film toxic?

2022-02-28 10:18:52

Hot melt adhesive film is a relatively new adhesive product. Many industry material developers are the first time to hear that people are more concerned about environmental issues for the adhesive industry. Whether hot melt adhesive film is toxic will also be raised. So, is hot melt adhesive film toxic or not?


Hot melt adhesive film is an efficient, environmentally friendly, and clean adhesive product. It is not toxic. It depends mainly on the material and the way it is applied.



Hot melt film is composed of polymers non-solvent-based adhesives in terms of material. A big reason why traditional adhesives are considered toxic is that they rely on solvents to wet the surface of the adhesive, which are used to disperse the solid components of the adhesive and to wet the surface of the adhesive. Solvent components are generally low-molecular volatile substances. More common is xylene. Therefore, it can be harmful to the human body.


Hot melt adhesive film is a non-solvent adhesive, so its solid content is 100%, so how does it wet the object's surface? As we all know, hot melt adhesive film is bonded by hot melt. After heating, it will melt into a liquid state, so it does not need any solvent to assist wetting, there is no problem of solvent volatilization, so it is not harmful to the human body.


And as the solid material of the macromolecular polymer itself is also non-toxic, these substances are generally ethylene - ethyl acetate copolymer, thermoplastic polyurethane, polyamide, polyester, polyethylene, polypropylene, etc... These are all plastic products that we routinely use daily, only differing in their molecular chain structure to be applied to adhesive products.


Hot melt adhesive film is a more environmentally friendly product than spray adhesive. Because spray adhesives are generally solvent-based adhesive products, they disperse large amounts of solvents in the air during the spraying process, which can be inhaled by workers and seriously endanger their health. However, hot melt adhesive film products do not have such problems and present a solid-state throughout the operation, which greatly reduces the harm to workers in many large area laminating places, just like pressing and ironing clotheslining. Therefore, hot melt adhesive film is advocated as an environmentally friendly adhesive product and is bound to make great strides.


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