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Introduction of Hot Melt Adhesive Film Seamless Lamination Technology

2022-02-24 14:32:15

Introduction of Hot Melt Adhesive Film Seamless Lamination Technology

When you first contact a seamless hot melt adhesive film, you may not know precisely what this film-like product is. Seamless fit is a new process in clothing, and hot melt adhesive film is the core of this process. Seamless bonding uses hot melt adhesive film to connect clothing fabrics to replace the traditional sewing process.

The focus of seamless lamination is hot melt adhesive film products. The application of seamless fitting technology is mainly concentrated in clothing manufacturing and shoemaking, such as women's seamless underwear, seamless uppers, etc., all of which will use appropriate seamless technology. Achieving a seamless bonding process requires support from various aspects such as bonding technology, equipment, techniques, and bonding materials. Bonding technology, equipment, etc., are generally equipped in complete sets, and the selection of bonding materials is the most difficult.

The types of hot melt adhesive film products are divided into two categories, one is hot melt adhesive film, and the other is a hot melt adhesive mesh film.
According to the different components, they can be divided into EVA, TPU, PES, PA, etc. Hot-melt adhesive film or hot-melt mesh film is made of different materials, each with its own characteristics, such as resistance to washing, dry cleaning, yellowing resistance, etc. The hot-melt adhesive film or hot-melt mesh film of various materials can be divided into various specifications according to the thickness or gram weight. In addition, there are differences in the width and length of the film. The difference in various performance characteristics of hot melt adhesive film products will ultimately affect the effectiveness of its use and bonding.

In order for the hot-melt adhesive film to have better bonding strength to the bonded products, the user needs to be able to accurately select the appropriate type of hot-melt adhesive film product. However, ordinary developers who do not understand the properties of adhesives are generally not good at selecting models, which requires professional adhesive practitioners to give corresponding technical guidance. Then cooperate with your own understanding of the material to adhere to, and finally, choose a suitable hot melt adhesive film product.

Below, we will take the selection of seamless underwear film as an example to introduce the selection process of hot melt adhesive film to you.

First, we need to consider the fabric of the product and the elasticity of the film and select the appropriate film according to the characteristics of the fabric.

Second, select the corresponding adhesive film according to the part of the product. The parts that are easy to stretch, such as the side flaps, waist, etc., must choose a hot melt adhesive film with good elasticity. In bras, some parts are fixed, so it is not suitable to use a good elastic film;

Third, considering the processing technology of the product, the parts that need to be reinforced with a film machine after the initial lamination need to use a film with a higher melting point.

Fourth, not only have requirements for elasticity and tensile strength, but also for parts that are not easy to operate with an angle grinder, you can choose a film with a low melting point.

Fifth, select the corresponding high and low-temperature adhesive films according to the equipment used. If the heating temperature of the machine is relatively high, it is not suitable to use low-temperature hot melt adhesive films. The above is just an example of the selection of seamless hot-melt adhesive films, and the basis for the compound selection of different products will be different. The best advice is still to leave professional things to professional people to do.

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