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How to see the slitting quality of hot melt adhesive film?

2022-02-28 15:42:24

The slitting of hot melt film is a common problem we encounter because the width of hot melt film varies from industry to industry. Hot melt film is generally produced with a fixed width die. This requires us to slit the film into the width required by the customer.


The slitting of hot melt film has certain quality requirements. Even if the hot melt film's quality is not a problem, bad slitting often causes problems for customers and sometimes causes unnecessary losses. So, how to see the quality of hot melt film slitting? Mainly by the following points.



1. Precise slitting width


The width of hot melt film is the basic requirement of customers, and the accuracy of the width when slitting needs to be guaranteed. When slitting hot melt film, the width is determined by the knife adjustment beforehand. If the machine and equipment are running well and the knife adjustment personnel are responsible, there will not be any big problems in general.


2. Good slitting and rewinding


Customers who receive hot melt film rolls due to poor winding often produce the phenomenon of runout. This does not affect the use of glue but sometimes will have a certain impact on convenience. A good winding should ensure that the cutting plane is on a level to facilitate later use.


3. The film does not stick together after slitting


After slitting, sometimes the tool works for a long time to generate heat, thus heating the hot melt film in the slitting process, resulting in a certain melting of the film, which often leads to self-adhesive film when winding, and finally affects the use. This phenomenon often occurs in low melting point hot melt film products. To avoid this phenomenon, the slitting rhythm and winding speed should be properly controlled and adjusted according to the product's characteristics.


4. Slitting should be done to eliminate inferior products


When the hot melt film is re-produced, sometimes it is inevitable to encounter defective products. Such as paper removal, insect spots, and other problems. Especially in the summertime, some workshops often have a lot of insect spots during night production due to poor control, which is a good opportunity to check the film again during slitting and pick out the problematic hot melt film.


The slitting of hot melt film often requires attention to the above issues, and details are especially important for manufacturers, as good quality is grasped by controlling details. If you have more hot melt film-related questions, consult Hengning Hot Melt Film.


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