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How many degrees of heat can hot melt glue withstand?

2022-02-28 10:59:13

Many people who use hot melt adhesives or wish to know about hot melt adhesives will have a question about whether they are resistant to high temperatures and how many degrees they can withstand at the highest. Some irresponsible manufacturers or companies on the Internet will say that hot melt adhesives are heat resistant, which is an uncritical statement. Let's talk about it briefly.


From the hot melt adhesive's characteristics, the hot melt adhesive is relatively poor in terms of high-temperature resistance because it is a thermoplastic material that needs to be heated and melted and then hardened by cooling to produce a bond. The initial melting point of conventional hot melt adhesive is generally between 40℃-120℃, so in theory, the highest temperature resistance is about 120℃. But in practice, the hot melt adhesive may soften to a certain extent when it does not reach 120℃, so the actual temperature resistance is a little lower than this temperature, which is about 100℃, which may be the limit of the current conventional hot melt adhesive products.



However, there are reactive hot melt adhesive products, such as PUR hot melt adhesive, which is not essentially a hot melt adhesive, but a reactive adhesive that relies on moisture curing. So it is essentially a hot-setting adhesive. Since it is a thermosetting adhesive, heating promotes its reactive curing, so heating is irreversible. Thus, the temperature resistance is a common good, generally can be resistant to more than 200 degrees.


So, you have to ask whether the hot melt adhesive can withstand high temperatures? How many degrees of high temperature can be tolerated then? The answer is that the conventional hot melt adhesive products cannot withstand too high a temperature, at most, about 100 ℃. However, reactive hot melt adhesive products can withstand high temperatures because they are essentially thermosetting adhesive products.


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