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Hot Melt Adhesive Film Without Paper is Also Called "bare Film."

2022-02-24 17:35:53

Hot Melt Adhesive Film Without Paper is Also Called "bare Film."

The traditional hot-melt adhesive film coats the hot-melt sticky film on a layer of release paper. The substrate-free hot-melt adhesive cinema refers to a hot-melt adhesive film product without any substrate to attach the hot-melt adhesive film. it is only a layer of sticky film, so it is commonly known as bare film, which can be directly melted and used for bonding.

Why is there a substrate's hot melt adhesive film?
The traditional hot melt adhesive film has a release paper or releases film layer. Its cost is much higher than other adhesive products, so it is a hindrance to the application of hot melt adhesive film in some large-area lamination fields. In order to reduce the use cost of hot melt adhesive films, substrates hot melt adhesive films came into being.

How to manufacture hot melt adhesive film without substrate?
When manufacturing hot melt adhesive film without substrate, firstly, the hot melt adhesive particles are fully mixed and put into the silo, and the film is directly formed and wound by the casting process, without coating on release paper or release film. Conventional substrates hot melt adhesive films are produced using a casting machine. Of course, there are also some companies that do not have to cast machine equipment and will use the film blowing process to produce hot melt adhesive films without substrates, and the performance of their products will be different. For some hot melt adhesive formulations that are not suitable for production by casting process, the process of the first coating and then peeling off the paper will be used, and the material cost and labour cost of production will be greatly increased.

Common materials and applications of substrates hot melt adhesive films
The common materials of the non-substrate hot-melt adhesive film are EVA hot-melt adhesive film, TPU hot-melt adhesive film and PO hot-melt adhesive film. Substrate-free hot-melt adhesive films have great advantages for the linked composite process, and their environmental protection and clean characteristics greatly improve the environment of the production workshop, which makes them widely used in the footwear industry, automobile industry, and building material composite fields. Applications.

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