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Hot Melt Adhesive Film Roll series

2022-04-25 13:25:02

Hot Melt Adhesive Film is made for packaging. This adhesive is known for its ease of use, excellent bond strength and clean-running properties. Hot melts provide excellent thermal stability and do not char in glue tanks. Hengning hot melts changed viscosity by less than 1% and showed minimal charring. Hot melts also eliminate nozzle blockages that are associated with less-advanced adhesives, which disrupt the production process and add cost to the overall process.

Hot Melt Adhesive Film

TPU Hot Melt Adhesive films are widely used for bonding packaging materials. They are made of silicone oil, which is usually coated on one side of glassine paper. In addition to the standard application, TPU Hot Melt Adhesive Film Rolls are often used for automotive trim, IC card sealing, and mesh fabric lamination. They are available in a variety of thicknesses and can be customized to fit specific project requirements.

TPU Hot Melt Adhesive film is widely used in textiles, sports products, and automotive manufacturing. Its high-molecular-tech properties make it an excellent material for bonding textiles and various materials. Its production and development is conducted under strict ISO9001 management standards. The company is committed to delivering superior quality TPU Hot Melt Adhesive Film Roll and a wide range of other TPU products.

Low-temperature TPU Hot Melt Adhesive film has a melting point of 80degC. It is less susceptible to heat than its medium-temperature counterparts. As a result, it is widely used in clothing, footwear, household building materials, and everyday necessities. This type of TPU has passed the RoHS 2.0 testing conducted by SGS. This makes TPU Hot Melt Adhesive Film Roll the preferred choice of many industries.

In spite of its ease of use, TPU Hot Melt Adhesive films are versatile, dependable, and easy to use. They bond different materials with excellent results and don't taint the substrate. Unlike traditional adhesives, hot melts are cost-effective and easy to handle. So, when you need an adhesive for your manufacturing needs, TPU Hot Melt Film Roll is the right choice.

Hot Melt Adhesive Tape

TPU Hot Melt Adhesive films are a great way to bond two different materials together. They have a wide range of uses, including seamless zippers and pocket closures, mobile phone cases, and more. These film rolls are available in various thicknesses and heat activation processes. They are also lightweight, making them great for bonding textiles. This high-performance thermoplastic film is also ideal for sealing IC cards.

TPU Hot Melt Adhesive films are made of silicone oil, which is usually coated on one side of glassine paper. These films are double-sided and used for sealing applications. TPU Hot Melt Adhesive Film Rolls are ideal for gluing materials together, adhering them to each other, and protecting surfaces. The film is washable, water resistant, and has excellent adhesion.

Hot Melt Adhesive Film is produced by Hengning. It comes in rolls of 500'. It is 100% glue, which means you can bond almost anything without worrying about the material peeling off. Once activated by heat, the glue bonds instantly with the two materials. Since it does not contain any water, there is no cure time and you can cut the laminated material immediately. This makes it ideal for fast and efficient applications.

One of the greatest benefits of TPU is its dimensional stability. Since it is 100% solid, hot melts do not lose thickness when they cool. Hot melts are also great for filling gaps. Unlike solvent-based adhesives, which rely on the carrier's extraction in order to set, they can lose 50% or more of their weight when cooled. They are also easy to work with, and the cost-effectiveness of TPU Hot Melt Adhesive Film Rolls is a great reason to use this product.

TPU Hot Melt Adhesive is another great material for fast-moving consumer goods packaging. It has excellent water-resistance and tamper-resistant seals. It is easy to use on hot, cold, or wet surfaces. It can be heated again without having to flush. It also bonds fabrics together. This allows it to replace several types of adhesives.

Acrylic packaging tape

The performance of acrylic packaging tapes varies according to their composition and application. This versatile material has two main components: a backing carrier and adhesive. The backing carrier can be single-sided or double-sided and comes in different materials. Its type will determine its performance characteristics, including colour, strength, and resistance to chemicals and temperatures. When compared to other tapes, hard adhesives are more resistant to moisture and temperature.

While the application of this tape is the same, the cost of it differs depending on the application method. If the product is to be kept in a refrigerator, the hot melt tape should be used. If it is going to be transported over a long distance, then acrylic packaging tape will be more durable and resistant to temperature fluctuations. But what about when the temperature is above or below freezing? For these products, acrylic tapes are the most suitable choice.

This type of packaging tape is made of a high-grade polypropylene and comes with a choice of either acrylic or hot melt adhesive. The hand-cut and machine-cut grades are available. However, hand-cut tapes should be avoided as they can cause tears. For a more flexible option, acrylic packaging tapes are available in hot melt film roll and foam cored varieties.

In contrast to its paper and plastic counterparts, acrylic packaging tapes don't hold up very well to mechanical stress. If force is applied to an object, the acrylic tape will pop off from the surface. Besides, acrylic tapes have poor adhesion on various types of plastic, including paper and metal. These characteristics are crucial for industrial settings. You can even find specialty fabrics tapes, which are especially made for patching purposes.

Hot melt tapes offer superior holding power and performance in automated packaging processes. In addition to reducing tension, hot melt tapes provide excellent holding power and can handle overfilled cartons, automated pick-and-place processes, and transit. Its longer roll length minimizes the need for changeovers. The hot melt tapes are available in different sizes and colors, so a comparison of these products will help you find the best product for your packaging application.

Hengning range

The Hengning range of unfilled hot melt adhesives offers superior adhesion, reduced volume and low odor. Using unique raw materials and production processes, the range outperforms standard filled adhesives and provides the best solution for your hot melt adhesive requirements. The Hengning range includes water white hot melts in the form of blocks and prills. They are suitable for use with all types of woodworking machinery and are available in a wide range of thicknesses. Customers particularly appreciate the ease of handling and versatility of the Hengning, which can be easily melted without needing to unwrap the adhesive roll.

As well as packaging, hot melt adhesives are also used in woodworking, product assembly, labelling and arts and crafts. The range is designed to bond a range of different materials, including packaging, book spines, fabric in nonwovens, labels on bottles, and edging on furniture. The wide range of applications available makes Hengning hot melts the ideal adhesive for a variety of applications.

The Hengning hot melt adhesive is a general purpose product which adheres strongly to a variety of substrates. Its high viscosity and low temperature resistance make it ideal for edgebanding and softforming. Hengning hot melt is low smearing, clean and has high tack. Hengning is one of the best-selling hot melt adhesive film rolls in the world.

The Hengning range of hot melt adhesives have seen an exponential rise in popularity in the past decade. They offer exceptional versatility and are compatible with nearly all packaging machines. The highly adhesive film rolls are virtually odourless and are perfect for a wide range of applications, from labelling to packaging delicate goods. Moreover, they are available at competitive prices, reducing your overall adhesive inventory.

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