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Hot melt adhesive film on home wallcovering

2022-02-28 10:16:36

In the field of home decoration, wall coverings are becoming more and more popular today, and many families like to choose wall coverings to decorate the walls of their homes. Home decoration wall cloth or luxury, or fresh, compared to latex paint, is easier to take care of. Wall cloth is also less prone to blistering, cracking, and other quality problems with time.


According to the glue used to classify, the field of wall coverings is often divided into two categories of wall coverings a class of cold glue wall coverings a class of hot glue wall coverings. Cold glue wall cloth is a more traditional practice, refers to the use of cold glue when the wall cloth is on the wall. And hot glue wall cloth is a relatively new process, refers to the wall cloth on the wall, the use of hot melt adhesive to bond.



Hot glue wall cloth is usually a layer of hot melt adhesive film is prepared in advance on the back of the wall cloth, and a layer of the base film is pre-painted on the wall before construction. The role of the base film is to strengthen the wall. Construction, the use of ironing wall cloth directly on the wall will be able to wall cloth firmly stick to the wall after cooling. Hot glue wall cloth can be constructed beforehand the same day to move in because the hot melt adhesive film can achieve rapid curing, while the cold glue wall cloth does not have this feature.


Compared with the traditional cold glue wall cloth, hot glue wall cloth also has environmental protection, fast construction, not easy to mold, and other performance advantages. In terms of wall coverings, many types of wall coverings have been developed. In addition to the use of hot melt adhesive film to bond wall coverings, there is also hot melt adhesive mesh film to bond wall coverings. There is also a kind of wallcovering called non-woven base wallcovering, which refers to the extra layer of non-woven fabric covered on the base cloth of the wallcovering. This can prevent the wallcovering from being permeable during construction, affecting the quality of construction and the beauty. The composite between the non-woven fabric and the base cloth is generally used is the hot melt adhesive film or this hot melt adhesive mesh film, and then use the hot glue process, or cold glue process to laminate the wall, the effect will be better.


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