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Hot Melt Adhesive Film is Close to Us

2022-02-24 11:32:51

Hot Melt Adhesive Film is Close to Us.

Adhesives are used a lot in our daily life. There are many adhesives, including solid, liquid, block, and powder. For example, the glue and solid glue used to stick paper in our daily life, as well as the well-known 502 glue, super glue, AB glue, etc., although their characteristics and uses are not the same, for most people, is more familiar.

But most people are not familiar with hot melt adhesive film because it is not widely used by ordinary people like the adhesive products mentioned above. As an industrial adhesive, hot melt adhesive film is used in many manufacturing industries.

Hot melt adhesive film is really close to us.
Everyone has to wear clothes and shoes. Our clothes are traditionally stitched, but now there are clothes produced by the seamless process of using hot melt adhesive film. Those who pay attention will definitely find that many of our clothes now use adhesive stickers, such as seamless boat socks and waterproof zippers for jackets, which are pasted with hot melt adhesive film. Another example is the shoes we wear, which are actually a product that uses a lot of hot melt adhesive films. The uppers, insoles, heels, and soles all involve the use of hot-melt adhesive films because these parts are not a single layer of material, but several layers of materials are compounded together, which requires the use of hot-melt adhesive films. Compound adhesive.

In addition, our daily use of mobile phones, PADs and other electronic products, wall coverings and blackout curtains used in home decoration are all products that involve the use of hot-melt adhesive film, so the hot-melt adhesive film is really around us, although we may know I haven't heard of it, it silently contributes to the place where we don't notice it. This is the hot melt adhesive film.

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