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Hot melt adhesive film for non-marking underwear

2022-02-28 14:24:35

To discuss the industry application of hot melt adhesive film, we have to mention the clothing field, which contains elements of fashion and trend, so the form, material, and process of clothing iterations are very rapid. Non-marking underwear is a new type of women's underwear that has emerged in recent years. It is loved and sought after by women because it fits the body better and leaves no traces while being more comfortable, making it a new fashion and gradually becoming mainstream.



The most important feature of seamless panties is that the traditional sewing process is replaced by a hot-melt adhesive film bonding process, which leaves no traces of the stitching of the fabric, thus making it more beautiful for women to wear. The production of non-marking panties generally uses spandex fabric, which has very high elasticity, so when choosing the hot melt adhesive film for bonding this fabric, the film's elasticity has very high requirements. In addition, underwear needs to be washed frequently and usually at high temperatures. Therefore, there is a special requirement for the fabric to be resistant to high-temperature washing after bonding, and only very few hot melt adhesive films can meet both of these high-performance requirements.


In addition, the production of non-marking panties has been greatly improved due to the adoption of a non-turning sewing process. Most of them use the high-frequency heating method to melt the hot-melt adhesive film quickly and make two fabrics bonded, which greatly improves the bonding efficiency and is not inferior to the sewing process in terms of production efficiency, even higher than the sewing process after skilled operation.


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