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Classification of Adhesives According to Different Rules

2022-02-23 18:17:52

Classification of Adhesives According to Different Rules

Adhesives have a variety of classification methods, generally classified according to chemical composition, form, process, use, etc.
Classification by chemical composition
According to chemical composition, organic and inorganic adhesives can be divided into two categories. Adhesives are classified by chemical composition.

Sort by shape
Adhesives can be divided into liquid glue (commonly known as glue, such as hydrosol, latex, solvent-based liquid glue, solvent-free liquid glue, etc.), solid glue (such as glue powder, glue block, glue stick, tape, film, etc.) And paste/paste glue, etc.
Classification by curing process
Adhesives can be divided into room temperature curing adhesives, thermosetting adhesives, anaerobic adhesives, moisture curing adhesives, light curing adhesives, electron beam curing adhesives, hot melt adhesives, pressure-sensitive adhesives, etc.
Classification by use
Adhesives can be generally divided into structural adhesives, non-structural adhesives, and special adhesives according to their uses.
Structural adhesive. It can withstand large loads for a long time and has good durability. Non-structural adhesive. Has a certain bond strength and durability. Specialty adhesives. Special purpose, such as sealant, conductive adhesive, thermally conductive adhesive, strain adhesive, underwater adhesive, high-temperature adhesive, etc. In addition, adhesives can also be divided into industrial adhesives and household adhesives according to their uses.

Industrial Adhesives. Mainly used in manufacturing, assembly, and maintenance in industrial fields, such as engineering adhesives, construction adhesives, automotive adhesives, electronic adhesives, shoe adhesives, packaging adhesives, medical adhesives, etc. . household adhesive. Mainly used for home decoration, daily maintenance and hand-made, etc., it is called DIY glue abroad.

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