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PES Film


PES hot melt film, also known as polyester hot melt film, is a common kind. PES hot melt film is a hot melt film made of polyester as the main raw material.

PES hot melt film has good bonding effect on a variety of materials, such as metal, ceramic, fabric, wood, plastic, leather, rubber and so on have satisfactory bonding force, it is widely used in clothing, electrical appliances, electronics, shoes, construction and other industries.



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Detail Introduction

PES hot melt adhesive film, also known as polyester hot melt adhesive film, is one of the more common types of hot melt adhesive film products, which are made of polyester as the main raw material.

Polyester (PES), a generic term for polymers with an ester group (-COO-) in the main chain, can be divided into two categories: unsaturated polyesters and thermoplastic polyesters. When used as a hot melt adhesive base, polyester should be selected as a thermoplastic polyester, i.e., linear saturated polyester as the raw material for the hot melt adhesive base, which is usually made of dicarboxylic acid and diol or alkyd condensation.

PES hot melt adhesive film is usually milky white or transparent, usually produced by coating method, so it is more common to have the type of product with release paper. Depending on the formulation composition of the specific product model.

PES hot melt adhesive film has a good bonding effect on a variety of materials, such as metal, ceramics, fabric, wood, plastic, leather, rubber, etc. It is widely used in the garment, electrical, electronic, shoe-making, construction and other industries. In the garment field, PES hot melt adhesive film will be used to paste embroidery logo; in the electronic field, PES hot melt adhesive film will be used to bond polyester foam and conductive cloth; in the construction field, PES hot melt adhesive film can usually bond composite plates; in the electrical field, PES hot melt adhesive film can be used to bond metal tubes of refrigerator condensing evaporator. These are some of the application scenarios that we are in contact with and promoting, of course, there are more applications to name.

In short, PES hot melt adhesive film is a wide range of hot melt adhesive film, especially for metal materials, PES hot melt adhesive film has obvious advantages over conventional EVA hot melt adhesive film or TPU hot melt adhesive film. If you have some material bonding problems that can't be solved, or the strength of EVA hot melt adhesive film can't meet the requirements, you may try PES hot melt adhesive film.

Applications: conductive fabric, embroidery badge/woven label backing, flocking transfer, textile lamination, PVC high frequency lamination and other fields.
Washing performance: 40℃ or 60℃ water washing. Related to the fabric to be bonded, it is recommended to do specific experiments to confirm.
Backing material: single silicon release paper
Adhesive film appearance: milky white translucent
Package: 100/200 yards per roll or as per customer's requirement
Note: The pressing temperature and pressing time are only the recommended process conditions, and the pressing equipment, the thickness of the bonded material, thermal conductivity, pressure are related, the user needs to confirm according to the specific conditions of the experiment.

SeriesMaterialTypeWidth(mm)Thickness(mm)Melting Point(℃)Press Comdition
Adhesive FilmPATA12015-16500.03-0.512010-30135-1401.5-3.0

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