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Microfiber Laminated


Microfiber laminated hot melt adhesive film are widely used in clothing and footwear manufacturing. It has the characteristics of high bond strength and good softness.



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Detail Introduction

Leather and microfiber materials are widely used in the manufacture of clothing and shoes. Its use mostly involves the compounding between different materials, in the hot melt adhesive film lamination is now widely popular today, the compounding of microfiber has put forward higher requirements on the performance of hot melt adhesive film. In order to ensure sufficient bonding strength, but also need to have good enough softness, hot melt adhesive film composite material after the plastic feeling can not be too strong, to ensure a good feel.

Shanghai Hengning New Material Co., Ltd. is engaged in the application of environmental protection hot melt adhesive products development research, with many years of industry service experience, if you have more related hot melt adhesive film application problems, or material bonding problems, you are welcome to consult us at any time.

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